N80 as a Workgroup Computer

Nokia described N80 as a Multimedia Computer, not a Phone ! So when I got mine, I tried to add it to my network.

I tried Bluetooth and WLAN. It was nowhere near matching the description. I could access some drives of the phone through Bluetooth , but not vice versa.

Using UPnP + WLAN I could access the media files in my PC . This was better experience. But it required a HomeServer in my PC. I was able to stream the music in my phone to the PC and was able to control the playlist of my PC through my phone. This was better. I am also able to watch streaming movies and music on my phone, whether the server is my PC or anyother one in the Internet , thanks to the Orb Service.

All these were possible without adding any other third party software in the Phone. But I was not happy. I wanted more. I wanted to share my files and read the files from other computers , just like we do in Windows Peer to Peer networking.

Now I heard about SymSmb from Telexy and installed their Ver.1.1. This version allows me to share the drives on my phone to anyone in the network. So without any cable and bluetooth, and UPnP, I was able to share my drives to my PC. And I hear the new version is around the corner, which will allow me to view the shares on my PC in my phone. So I can watch the movie stored in my PC from my backyard using WLAN. Simply great it would be. The developers are kind enough to give away the new version free as upgrade ! And for just $6 it’s a bargain !



  1. Bob
    Posted May 14, 2007 at 7:09 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for your comment.
    After reading it I installed that prog. too and I like it big time. Thats was I was looking for a long time.

  2. Posted May 26, 2007 at 4:23 pm | Permalink

    The ver 2 is available as Public (Developer) Beta.
    “So I can watch the movie stored in my PC from my backyard using WLAN. Simply great it would be..”
    This feature is missing. It might be present when it is released !

    Why can’t Nokia reach an agreement with Telexy and make this program integrated in their smartphones ?

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