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Many of us are fortunate to have a WLAN broadband connection at our home and office. And we use some desktop softphones to communicate with our buddies and pals. Though we might feel great initially, later we feel like working in a Call Center and the enthusiasm dies.

But yes, there are “hardware” USB “phones” that saves us from this. We can feel like talking from a real telephone and enjoy talking.

What if we can get the same functionality from our Mobile Phones ? It’ll be simply the best. We can have both the worlds together in this tiny device. Yes, now it is possible to use VoIP from many phones with no lag, no echo etc.

The one phone I use is Nokia N80 Internet Edition. Together with an excellent service from Truphone, now I can call my friends and relatives at USA and UK for no cost. Also I can reach my Gmail buddies very easily. There are lot of other great SIP providers too, namely SipPhone aka Gizmo, Sipgate, VoIPUser, VoIPCheap etc.

The settings are pretty straight forward. And calling a contact cannot be more realistic. Just dial their sip number or telephone number ! That’s all.

Now I can’t think about a phone without WLAN and SIP.

Perhaps I won’t need a PDA either.


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  1. cindy
    Posted July 5, 2007 at 8:09 pm | Permalink

    hi i would like to get me more information about ur sip number and can i use it to africa thank you

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