Stream your Video/MP3 to your Phone

We don’t have enough space in our Phone memory to watch a movie, that too an Indian movie which runs over 2 hours. And when I am fortunate enough to have a WiFi hotspot in a public park, why can’t I try to watch the movie from open air ? If I copy the movies to my miniSD and try to watch ’em , I might lose access to some of my favorite applications which run on the Card Memory.

So, to get the best of both the worlds, I tried to stream Video from my Home PC. Got the opensource Darwin Streaming Server, followed the instructions, “hinted” the movie using MP4Box, and “served” ! Oh yeah, then I’m using DynDNS to get a fixed public address for my Dynamic IP. My router is capable to doing this job.

From the Gallery of the phone, a new streaming link was added pointing to the media server. Yes, it worked instantly ! The movie played thru the Real Player. But alas! then my battery was drained before the movie finished. I had to attend some support calls in between !

If you are not interested in fiddling with DSS, try Orb. They are very good folks ! You can even tune your remote television over the Internet using your Phone. I couldn’t test it yet.

Now what you’ll need to stream your MP3 files to your phone. Darwin will help you here also. And Nokia also provides an Internet Radio client for N80 as an optional download from their OpenSource site. You can run your own TV station and Radio station using Darwin and using your phone you can view these channels !


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