“Blackberry”ing N80

I am not a frequent traveler and so I don’t need a Blackberry and real-time push email. But, as I’m a bit lazier to check(pull) my emails, it was nice to have my emails “pushed” out.

Nokia provides BlackBerry Connect only for their Business phones. So no luck for me. It was then I decided to check their “hidden” email client.

If we use the User Friendly Settings Wizard we will end nowhere ! But if we dig through their Messages Menu options, we can really setup email from POP and IMAP servers. The POP servers (my company server) provides me auto-check at 30 minutes and a free IMAP server (fastmail.fm) gives me auto-check at 5 minutes intervals.

[Update: Get an AOL Mail and you can have the UnOfficial IMAP and SMTP access. No worries about the bandwidth as in fastmail. If it is difficult to register a dotcom, try aol.in or other regions, the smtp and imap servers for aol.in are same as aol.com, here you have enter the complete email id as userid whereas in aol.com it is optional]

For die-hard Yahoo! users, Yahoo! Go on N80. This free utility also checks mail automatically and saves to the Local Inbox !

I can use my unlimited 3.5G data plan which would go wasted otherwise.

I can “pop” my hotmail accounts also to this fastmail.

Gmail and Yahoo(regional) , company mails are already accessible by the POP3 Client. So far so good ! So the backup mail client is ready !

Why should I switch on my PC, juz to check email ?

This is more than enough for me.

Why would I use a Blackberry now ?


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