Complex replication scenario with Jet 4

We need a Jet replication which should involve direct and indirect replication. There wont be any need for conflict resolution as there wont be any conflicting data by design. The main db , the design master is to be kept at the HQ with very limited access on a Windows server. There should be a production replica which should update the master files at the HQ and this replica will be kept on a Linux server (smb share) with the users of the HQ having rw access to the db. There can be another replica at the Windows server inorder to facilitate indirect replication. The db is to be replicated(cached) at each user’s windows terminal, so that reporting can be  faster by avoiding the “wire”. Now the db is to be replicated to over 20 remote locations by VPN. All remote locations can talk to each other. The software take cares of avoiding input conflicts in the transactions done at these locations. Many of these locations are also multi-user and there is a requirement for syncing a copy at the local pc. At the remote locations too, the users write to the “server” and read from the local copy for reports.

The requirement is the copies at each location must be in sync when a report  is needed by a node, so a direct sync is preferred here before a call for report generation.

Also all the “servers” at the remote locations need be in sync every day, and as and when a new update is issued from the HQ. All the “servers”  replicas  must be synchronized using indirect replication here.

Most important, none of these terminals , other than the “Design Terminal”, has Access installed !

Having local replication , while helping to generate faster reports, also help to have an additional backup too. The client pcs can run only specified applications, so there is no problem in having a local copy either. The users won’t have direct access to the data folder through the windows explorer.

Is this a weird scenario ?

[ I know it is possible with VB6, TSI and MS Synchroniser , and actually tested the implementation with dialup clients (actually it will be ADSL clients) , but I don’t know still it’s worth the trouble ]



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