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I am basically a blogger. I talk on any topic in the world. I have my own opinions on those. I stand for love and positive thinking.I hate hypocrisy, though I hate hatred.I was born in a Kerala village, in the mind of my mentor. I am brought up in the web. I can be called a global citizen.

Using “Internet Call” through 3G

Nokia phones with “Internet Call” feature are very useful,E51,E66,N80,N95… They provide very reliable internet connection thru WLAN. Often there are complaints regarding the 3G/GPRS connection, the main being the difficulty in using “Internet Call” thru 3G. The users wonder, “it works thru WLAN, they it should work thru 3G”. ie they assume the settings […]

Complex replication scenario with Jet 4

We need a Jet replication which should involve direct and indirect replication. There wont be any need for conflict resolution as there wont be any conflicting data by design. The main db , the design master is to be kept at the HQ with very limited access on a Windows server. There should be a […]

Exporting to “Excel” from Xceed Grid

Xceed Grid has a fairly easy one line code to export a grid to Excel file. What’s the  catch (at least for me) ? It simply doesn’t allow multiple sheets in a file.(Please correct me if I am wrong). But I don’t need a multitude of files for a group of reports. And I don’t […]

Using Mail For Exchange on an N80

For some strange reason, Nokia stopped supporting N80 for their new Mail for Exchange client software. So you have to get the 1.3.0 version from them. Now, I have the client. How do I test, ‘coz I dont have an Exchange server. No worries. Mail2Web provides you a FREE account for synchronising your email, contacts […]

Live Desktops

In these days of broadband, why should we keep our desktop static and boring ? Get best pictures from Flickr using John’s Excellent freeware utility Background Switcher direct to your desktop. You never know what picture will be next. Very interesting .And Expect the UnExpected.

“Blackberry”ing N80

I am not a frequent traveler and so I don’t need a Blackberry and real-time push email. But, as I’m a bit lazier to check(pull) my emails, it was nice to have my emails “pushed” out. Nokia provides BlackBerry Connect only for their Business phones. So no luck for me. It was then I decided […]

Send Free Fax using N80

Imagine you are at an airport waiting for your flight, browsing Internet using the WiFi connection in the Lounge.. Now your agent calls you and asks whether it’s possible to FAX your passport copy to complete some Visa formalities. You can easily email, but the agent prefers a FAX. You don’t have to rush to […]

Control your PC/Mac using N80

All the good things are always not free. If we can afford N80, then we can have a nice extensible software that enables us to control our PC or Mac using N80 or any of the 300 supported devices. The software is Salling Clicker . Some of the readily available capabilities are: 1. Phone Aware […]

SIP Settings I use on N80

Gizmo Profile name: Gizmo Service profile: Standard IETF Default access point: MyAccessPoint Public user name: Use compression: No Registration  : When needed Use Security : No Proxy Server: Proxy address: Realm: Username: 1747xxxxxxx Password: **** Allow loose routing: Yes Transport type: UDP Port: 5060 Registrar server: Registrar address: Realm: Username: […]

True VoIP at 64Kbps !

After my initial success of VoIP and SIP on my N80 in the 128Kbps ADSL, i tried the same on my 64Kbps ADSL home connection. Same settings. I use the same name of my Office Accesspoint at my home also. Thanks to Truphone, I could test VoIP to some real telco numbers in the US for free. I couldn’t believe ! The call was indistinguishable as VoIP call to the persons at the  receiving end. No lag , echo or delay. I must say the call was better than the PSTN calls I do to my parents in India. Then I tried a pure VoIP to VoIP . Sharing the 64Kbps, I was able to get a perfect call to my computer. I had GizmoProject at my home pc and using my N80 I was able talk to my kids (Just for fun) I could better talk to them direct ! It’s really amazing ! I remember the ISDN people telling you must have 128Kbps for two-way communication ! But then , it was Fifteen years back !