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I am basically a blogger. I talk on any topic in the world. I have my own opinions on those. I stand for love and positive thinking.I hate hypocrisy, though I hate hatred.I was born in a Kerala village, in the mind of my mentor. I am brought up in the web. I can be called a global citizen.

For those who need Privacy

Often we feel to have a little privacy when we browse the web. The trackers, meters etc are peeping into our web habits. Do you ever feel to deceive them ? There are tools and technology available in the Internet that help to achieve your requirement. The website by Steve Gibson analyzes the merits […]

Stream your Video/MP3 to your Phone

We don’t have enough space in our Phone memory to watch a movie, that too an Indian movie which runs over 2 hours. And when I am fortunate enough to have a WiFi hotspot in a public park, why can’t I try to watch the movie from open air ? If I copy the movies […]

WLAN Errors

When we search for access points we are able to see “Open” networks. But when we try to connect to Internet we often get errors. 1. No Gateway Error : This is the most common one. There are many reasons for this. One of them being poor signal strength. But the main reason is the […]

N80 as a Workgroup Computer

Nokia described N80 as a Multimedia Computer, not a Phone ! So when I got mine, I tried to add it to my network. I tried Bluetooth and WLAN. It was nowhere near matching the description. I could access some drives of the phone through Bluetooth , but not vice versa. Using UPnP + WLAN […]

VoIP is here

Many of us are fortunate to have a WLAN broadband connection at our home and office. And we use some desktop softphones to communicate with our buddies and pals. Though we might feel great initially, later we feel like working in a Call Center and the enthusiasm dies. But yes, there are “hardware” USB “phones” […]

A blog to share some technics

Yet another blog, just to share some techniques. Some posts may be written in Malayalam too.